CARDINAL + FINCH strives to select specialty goods that are American-made, produced in Illinois, or available at our unique independently-owned boutiques in Central Illinois. In an effort to support our friends, we always include a card to inform recipients where they can find the products they fall in love with—whether it is wine from Oregon, soap made in Colorado, or coffee, tea, or candles produced in Peoria.

Our designs are thoughtfully crafted with an emphasis on modern rustic style, with hand-dyed sari silk ribbon made in Michigan and keepsake wooden boxes crafted right here in Washington. It is our mission to enable our clients to give a heartfelt, beautiful gift of luxury to their recipient. 

Browse our collections to order for your friend or loved one today:

FINCH GRATITUDE || The quintessential “Just because…”
DOVE COMFORT || Grief, illness, difficult change, ongoing struggle
CRANE AFFECTION || Love, engagement, wedding, anniversary
CARDINAL CELEBRATION || New baby, birthday, life achievements
LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY || Cultural and religious holidays