We are Dan Herzing and ‘Lovely Leah Ruth’ Herzing, the couple behind Cardinal + Finch.  Following an incurable cancer diagnosis, we have been given a gift of time. After three years, we are still going strong. We decided to use part of our time together to make unique gift boxes that we know help others express love and support when it is difficult to know what to do. It is an endeavor of the heart.

Leah is the passionate artist and jack-of-all trades, Dan is the floral designer and cheerful delivery man, and Leah’s father, ‘Grandpa Don,’ keeps busy in the wood shop crafting our boxes.

Cardinal + Finch is named in honor of both Mary Hodel and Joan Summer,  Leah’s mother and aunt. This new adventure is in memory of Mary and Joan’s joy and love for others, as well as the generosity of spirit Dan and Leah have encountered on their own unique journey.

Thank you for your support!


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