When a Mother’s Day Photo Shoot Involves Snow

Don’t wait until the last minute—Always be ready to take advantage of the perfect day! This is a hard-learned lesson now that we left mild Oregon and live in Illinois. The weather is completely bizarre. I grew up here, but I don’t remember it like this!

Plans to do our Mother’s Day Gift Box photo shoot for the weekend of April 14th-15th were stalled by rain … and snow. SNOW! It was really absurd.

By Monday the 16th, less than one month before Mother’s Day — Sunday, May 13th is the special day! — We couldn’t wait any longer.

If you can picture it — I was running in and out of the house, buried in a North Face fleece AND a Patagonia puffer (only the best for a midwest winter) with a stocking cap and gloves, carrying one box at a time, and trying to get that beautiful natural outdoor light for my photos, all the while fighting the wind that wanted to move products, florals, and cover everything in chaotic ribbon.


What I was able to capture, I believe shows the genuine care and bright love put into these special limited edition gift boxes. Mothers deserve the best, after all!

We crafted designs for pregnant/new mothers, as well as ‘In Honor Of’ a beloved mother, featuring additional white blooms and a special message for any design ordered. These are limited edition, as all of our holiday designs are — so please place your order before we run out!